Click Here to view the presentation "Announcing AKotRo". Click Here to download our complete project plan.

Our proposed 3-tiered approach to the World Tour

1. Let Music be the Language of our Conviction

On April 22, 2006, Amra Kojon will celebrate Bengali New Year's Day, presenting 20 of their best performers from the New England area. Click here for more information.

2. Test Run - AKotRo London, Summer 2006.

To ensure that our dreams, inspired by passion for Bangla music, is actually practicable, we want to take our 50 strong troupe to London this summer as a test run.

Click to download our press release, "Announcing AKotRo-London", with details about the successful organizational meetings at London over March 11 - 14, 2006. Special thanks to all of our friends and AK family members in London who made this trip so much fun and so rewarding! 

3. Amra Kojon on the Road - AKotRo, Summer 2007.

The Plan
We will tour the world by gathering a group of 50 music lovers, taking Bangla music to international destinations, performing in the most prestigious auditoriums and venues there, and singing with all our hearts for a global audience.

Our journey will begin at Boston, continue up to a dozen destinations worldwide, and finally return to Dhaka, Bangladesh for the finale. At each destination, we will present a different version of our show. Each show will include solo performances as well as an integral chorus component, integrating a creative use of visual and multi-media expressions - all with the trademark stamp of excellence and quality that is now associated with "Amra Kojon" (see
PRESS section).

All 12 shows will be covered by media representatives who will travel with the entourage, and will be aired live on a Bangla Channel. For 3 weeks, the world can travel with us through the live coverages, as we go door to door amid various cultures and groups of people and sing in Bangla, of Bangla, for Bangla.

Our Motivation
At a time when
our lives are shrouded over by the overpowering turmoils of natural calamities and devastations, of international strife and dissonance, of poverty, illness and pain, a few of us want to dream of Hope. Of Sharing. Of Bonding through our common love for music despite our differences in beliefs, values or nationality. Come dream with us. And spread the dream.

Get Involved
How much of this dream will materialize is entirely dependent on your enthusiasm and support. If you want to create history, if you want to do something that no other Bangla group has ever done before, if you want to share your love for Bangla music, come join us in our journey. Something of this magnitude requires all your help and support. Please contact us to learn more about the many ways you can get involved.

Click to download our AKotRo Project Plan

To contact us, email Mohitosh Talukder (Taposh)



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