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Information for Performers

The Show

  • Each performer will be able to present at least one solo, as well as participate in duets and the main chorus presentation. Different performers will present the solo numbers in different cities.
  • Each show will be broadcast on the host country’s TV channels, as well as on a Bangla Channel. The entourage will be accompanied by media representatives, photographers and video-graphers for maximal coverage of the effort.
  • Amra Kojon reserves the rights to make appropriate changes to the content of the show to ensure the best quality production

Logistical Issues

  • Members must have the appropriate US visa status that ensures re-entry into the US upon completion of the world tour
  • Only the performer will travel with the entourage: spouses, family members and children will not travel with the tour
  • You will need to take 25-30 days off from work/school in order to join the world tour.
  • During the tour, all members of the entourage will stay together. Personal trips to visit friends or family members will not be accommodated in the schedule

Time Commitments

  • Rehearsals will be conducted bet 2-5pm every Sunday afternoon, at Providence Shaptaak Bangla House.
  • At least 6 months of rehearsals are necessary with the whole group
  • No exceptions will be made for exams, illness, birthdays, anniversaries and other prior commitments. Only through such strict and passionate commitment can we ensure the quality of the show within the limited time frame.
  • You can not miss more than 10 hours of rehearsals in total.


  • Amra Kojon is in the process of securing funds for air-travel and other arrangements. The total budget for the whole project is estimated at US$300,000.
  • Each performer will only be liable for the cost of their visas to travel to the different international destinations.
  • Each performer will deposit $1200-$1500 seed money in advance for visa requirements to all the international destinations and costume procurement and all unused funds WILL be refunded in full.

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