Join us to meet new friends who share your passion for music-making.

Information for Media Partners

The show at each destination will be different from the one before it - new segments, new songs, new audio-visual and performance arts - something unique to offer the viewers. Only through complete coverage of the whole set of shows can someone experience the entire impact of the project.

Boston-based Media Representation

The Amra Kojon endeavour has been referred to as "a festival of friends who have come from different corners but bonded in Boston." What better tribute to the city that brought us all together, than to have the primary coverage done through a Boston–based media outlet? Involvement will include:

  • Exlusive coverage rights
  • Announcement of the world tour
  • An embedded reporter and a photojournalist with the troupe to cover the shows as they happen, including audience response, and the success of the event gauged by the effective promotion of the Bangla language and musical heritage

Bangla TV Broadcasting

Ideally, a Bangla TV Channel will take up the exclusive rights to cover the entire tour, from inception to the finale in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The technical crew will travel with the troupe.

Financial Responsibility

Financial responsibilities of the media partners include those for travel, visa application and documentation(s), as well as local accommodation, of their traveling representatives. If Media Partners are interested in further sponsorship opportunities, we welcome any and all support, either financial, logistical, or in-kind support in the form of either performers’ airfares or local accommodation.

Internal Media Representative

This person will be a member of the troupe, who will serve as the liaison to interface with the various media groups who will cover the event. This person will also be responsible for compiling press releases that local press, local Bangladeshi community groups and students groups can help publicize.

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