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Information for Local Organization(s)

Amra Kojon would like to stress that we are a non-denominational organization, with no political or religious affiliations. We are merely passionate about Bangla Music, and strive to promote our linguistic, musical and cultural heritage. We are looking to unite people, and avoid any partisan exclusivity. After all, our language belongs to us all.


  • To keep the tour as low budget as possible, the entourage is willing to accept low cost accommodation alternatives to hotels, such as college dorms, guest houses, local YMCA equivalents etc
  • The key factor is for the troupe to stay together to minimize problems of coordinating transportation of different groups from different locations to the central performance venue.
  • However, another key factor is choosing an accommodation that is quick and easy access to the performance venue to minimize time lost in transit, particularly since the entourage will be at each international destination for 24-36 hours


  • The local organizer(s) will be responsible for coordinating transportation for the whole group from the airport to their accommodation and to the performance venue and back
  • Low cost alternatives might be to coordinate carpools for those 24-36 hours, harnessing local Bangladeshi organizations, student groups and other available resources

Stage Reservation

  • One of the main aspects of the Amra Kojon On The Road tour is to create a splash. To visit each country and have the audience sit (or stand!) up and take note of what Bangalis can achieve together in terms of quality and excellence in presentation. Towards this end, it is critical for us to have the best acoustically equipped performance auditorium in each city, strategically located for maximum audience turn-out. We will not perform at venues for social gatherings, schools, churches (or other places of worship) mainly because, in general, their acoustics are unsuitable for our needs.
  • The local organizer(s) will be in charge of the reservations, and coordinating with the local administrative bodies to ensure the proper venue security

Local Media

  • The local organizer(s) will coordinate with local media representatives to ensure adequate advertising of the event prior to the shows to ensure maximum turnout
  • The local organizer(s) will ensure local media coverage of the event.
  • The local organizer(s) will gather the local Bangladeshi community, student groups, and special interest groups together to attend the event.

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