MIT BSA is a non-profit student organization representing Bangladeshi students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although primarily composed of current MIT students, our member body includes MIT alumni, and Bangladeshi students and young professionals from Boston and the surrounding area.

One of our primary goals is to enrich the experience for the MIT community. For this purpose we organize various social and cultural events and festivals, giving members the opportunity to connect with alumni, professionals and the local Bangladeshi community. Another mission we have is to disseminate our cultural heritage and history within MIT and the local community. We organize events and information sessions to commemorate our national history (i.e. International Mother Language Day, Independence Day). We also represent Bangladesh at various events at MIT aimed towards promoting cultural diversity (SAAS Annual Cultural Show, Grains of Rice, and International Fair etc.).

We carry out humanitarian projects to address crises and necessities in Bangladesh and the USA. Some of our previous efforts include fund raising for flood victims in Bangladesh in 2004, Katrina victims in the USA in 2005 and the cyclone SIDR victims in 2007. We have an ongoing child sponsorship project started in 2001 for which we raise money to support children in rural Bangladesh through “Save the Children”.

We always have joint events with AABEA (www.aabea.org) to promote networking with USA-based Bangladeshi engineers and architects. One of our notable events is the Biddarthee Shomabesh (Assembly of Students), organized in collaboration with Bhin Golardho in 2001. Our landmark and most memorable event is “Thousand Years of Bangla Music” in 2003 presented by Amra Kojon (www.amrakojon.org), a leading cultural group dedicated to promote Bengali musical heritage.

As one of the oldest Bangladeshi students’ organization of Boston and the surrounding area, MIT BSA takes pride in its endeavors. We dedicate our achievements to our hardworking and motivated students, and encouragement and support from our alumni and local members. It is through our collective efforts, we hope to fulfill our goals in the future

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