The AK stage performance will consist of well-coordinated audio-visual effects. In addition, the entourage must be a fully functional unit to handle numerous performance-related logistics. As such, the various kinds of performers who will travel as part of the entourage must include:

1. Musicians (vocalist and instrumentalist)
2. Sound and light engineers/experts
3. Video and photography artists
4. Internal public relations representative(s)
5. Media representative(s)

If you are interested in being a PERFORMER, fill out this form.

Local Organizer

A local organizer is based in one of AK's international destinations and will be in charge of coordinating the local logistical details, such as transportation, accommodation, interfacing with local authorities, etc.

At Amra Kojon, we believe in helping one another by establishing "win-win" situations. We seek assistance is the described ways from the local organizer, and in return we offer the following incentives:

  • Proceeds from the show (through sale of tickets, local sponsorships and other promotional endeavors) will go to the local organizer.
  • Complete exposure of the organization to a global audience through the already highly frequented www.amrakojon.org website, with direct links to the organization website, if any, and/or emails of the leaders/office-bearers.
  • Participation in such a cultural activity helps to boost the stature of any organization in the immediate locales.

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Amra Kojon on the Road is an endeavor of unparalleled magnitude. No Bangla group has ever undertaken anything of this scale. The sponsors can be assured of significant returns in the following ways:

  • The sponsors will be integrated into the presentation of the show, with advanced audio-visual effects on a large backdrop in front of which we plan to perform.
  • There will be a 30-minute "Sponsor Recognition" segment in which each sponsor will be individually highlighted and a short description of the products/services will be presented to the audience.
  • Promotional stalls before and after the show will be opened, so that the sponsors may showcase their products/services, providing a unique opportunity for targeted marketing.
  • Sponsors will be acknowledged on the Amra Kojon website, giving them worldwide exposure.
  • Amra Kojon has undertaken to incorporate local and international media (Bangla TV channels, newspapers, etc.) which will provide unbeatable coverage of the sponsors.
  • Amra Kojon will compile an all-inclusive package of the archived material from all the shows - DVDs, CDs, photos, etc. - and these will be archived with the world's leading academic libraries and music institutes.
If you are interested in being a SPONSOR, please read this.

Media Partner

A key aspiration of the world tour is to reach as wide a global audience as possible. At the same time, it is not feasible for the troupe to tour the *entire* world. This is where the media can come in to support our cause. By broadcasting and publicizing each show as they take place, the media can provide those who are unable to attend a unique opportunity to follow the world tour as it unfolds.

If you are interested in MEDIA representation, there are is detailed information

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