Amra Kojon Proudly Presents:


Zahid Osman Mamun

Zahid Osmani was born and brought up in a music loving family. His early days were filled with the colors of music. His sisters are very good singers and he used to sit with them for hours whenever they practiced or sung. He says, “My mornings were the most precious time as I could my hear my dad singing, sitting in the veranda after his morning prayer. And I believe, this is what built the passion for music in me.”

Zahid Osmani played the Tabla with the Amra Kojon April 22 performance and he says, “I never learned TABLA playing from anyone, neither did I go to any music school for that. And you all probably noticed already, that is why I'm not good at that. I can be best deemed as "CHAI FELTE VANGA KULO..." But I'm happy for whatever I do!! I attended Chyanot Songeet Biddayatan for few years where I intended to learn Tagore songs, but alas! that went in vain too..!! As you all know by now how GOOD(!) a SINGER I am!! So, here I am, JACK OF ALL TRADES MASTER OF NONE.....!!!”




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