Amra Kojon proudly presents

 “Let Music be the Language of Our Conviction” 

AK proudly presents their best Solo Artist from the New England area.  This is a warm up session before our United Kingdom (London) music trip this summer. For more information on the Amra Kojon on the Road (AKotRo) project, see our Project Plan.

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2006.

Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm.

Venue: Morse Auditorium, 40 Granite Street, Cambridge, MA (Map)

Admission: $10.00 per person

Photo Gallery


Rehearsal 1: 03.25.06 Rehearsal 1: 03.26.06 Rehearsal 2: 04.01.06

Rehearsal 3: 04.07.06


Rehearsal 3: 04.08.06


Rehearsal 4: 04.14.06


Rehearsal 4: 04.15.06


Preparing for the show

A lot of time, energy and effort goes into organizing a musical extravaganza as the April 22 Amra Kojon show. Here are some pictures that show all the behind-the-scenes sweat and fun that makes Amra Kojon the "experience" that it is. From stapling hundreds of handouts to staying up until the wee hours of the morning to prepare the individualized informational packages for each audience member and spending an night to pack up all the decoration material to cart to the venue - it's all part of the AK madness and zeal that sets us apart.

Volunteers' Organizational Meeting @ MIT, 04.16.06.

Late night handouts preparation at Providence, 04.17.06.

Packing up equipment to move to the venue, 04.18.06.

Last minute organizational discussions, the "Huddle", 04.20.06.

Going to the venue with the equipment, 04.21.06.


Let Music be the Language of our Conviction - April 22, 2006

Before the show




The actual Performance


The show - from professional photographers:

To bring you very high quality photographs of the event, Amra Kojon invited several professional photographers to cover our event. We thank Ashish Kirtania, Erin Smith, Glenn Kulbako and Rythum Vinoben for their time, and for being such sporting and fun people to work with!

To view the photographs, please click on the photographers names below. Once you are at their websites, you will have the option of purchasing prints from them directly. Please note: each photographer retains complete ownership of their photographs and all proceeds from the sales will go directly to them. Amra Kojon will not have copies to provide to its audience members or performers. If you'd like prints for your archives and collections, please purchase them directly from the photographers.

Ashish Kirtania: Go to assignments, then click on "Amra Kojon" to see the slideshow.

Erin Smith: Coming soon!

Glenn Kulbako

Rythum Vinoben




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